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The Chenrezig Project: Infusing Western Life with Tibetan Buddhist Compassion
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Our Teachers

Eye of the Teacher

We at the Chenrezig Project believe that true happiness comes from within, the natural result of clear vision leading to wise, compassionate intentions and actions.

We draw inspiration from many sources, including our dharma "teachers" who appear below. Buddhist and non-Buddhist, living and passed on, these people exemplify the skillful means for living lives of wisdom and compassion. (Please scroll to see teachers, click on names/photos to learn more.)

Gandhi famously wrote a note which he passed from a train window to a reporter who asked for a message to take back to his village: "My life is my message." So it is with our teachers.

Please visit our "teacher pages" -- they are here for all to share. After doing so, at a quiet time take a few moments to ponder what you've read . . . if you're open, some of it will take seed in your heart. Once there, as sure as the sun rises in the morning, it will sprout.

Thankfully, compassionate inspiration is not in short supply . . . our teacher pages are growing with many persons identified and "in production" . . . please feel free to suggest your "compassion" teachers to . . . click on the names/photos below to learn about each.

Crimson-colored boxes denote those who are living.

Deeply simple
and loving,
a healing mother
to all she met.
Courageous defender of the ecosystem, exposed the harmful effects of pesticide use.
Psychologist and teacher of
Eastern spiritual
wisdom to the West.
A true genius
who combined
pure intellect
with spiritual insight.
Gentle saint of
animals and ecology; founder of the Franciscan order.
Heart and soul of
India's non-violent
struggle for
The Dalai Lama.
A symbol of
engaged wisdom
and compassion.
A man of grace;
Buddhist monk,
poet, author
and spiritual guide.
His life and teachings of spirit provide
inspiration for
people worldwide.
The embodiment
of the highest
qualities and ideals
of Tibetan culture.
wise teacher
of the "Tao"
(The Way Nature Is).
India's silent philosopher, spiritual guide and, to some,
an avatar.
Deeply committed and passionate environmental
activist and author.
English-born author, lecturer, Tibetan Buddhist nun and nunnery founder.
Sufi mystic and ecstatic poet,
he wrote with passion
of unity and love.
Awakened 2,500 years ago, he has been "the Buddha"
ever since.
Best known for her tireless work
among Calcutta's
poverty stricken.
With a single action, one person
can inspire millions.
Non-violently fought South African apartheid.
He spoke oddly, making us smile
as we learned
his lessons of wisdom.