prayer-flagsThe Chenrezig Project is a Buddhist study/practice group in Snohomish County, WA, with a national online teaching presence, under the guidance of Buddhist teacher Mark Winwood.


We take our name in recognition of Chenrezig, the Tibetan Buddhist representation (and emanation) of perfect compassion. We are committed to using the aspects of householder life — home, workplace, the intimacy of committed relationship, the challenges of health and aging — as our areas of work. Our teachings and practices follow the Tibetan tradition and are illuminated by the American experience, respectful of all the teachings and schools of Buddhism.

We are dedicated to developing the good heart by cultivating wisdom and compassion through our studies and practices. At the core of our work is the cultivation of the wise and spacious quality known as “bodhicitta” — the deep, altruistic intention to realize genuine wisdom and compassion in ourselves in order to best help beings everywhere do the same. We study teachings and practices both directly and indirectly sourced from Lama Tsongkhapa’s Lam-rim Chen-mo, the foundational 15th century text of teachings and practices of the path to enlightenment.

We gather regularly for teachings and/or meditations on Tuesday evenings in Monroe (WA), as well as on our online (Skype) “Dharma Bridge” on Wednesdays. All are welcome to come and benefit from exposure to this wonderful curriculum, regardless of experience or familiarity with Buddhism. Our gatherings are informative, friendly, supportive and practical. All are invited. Thank you!