Programs & Events

The Chenrezig Project provides a safe space to gather, listen, discuss, and learn Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, practical application and meditation. Very simply put, the essence of Tibetan Buddhist practice is to avoid harming others and to help them as much as possible. (Another way of expressing this: Abandon negative action, create perfect virtue, come to know your own mind.)

Additionally, some of our members have taken on the educational sponsorship of young exiled Tibetan children, working through the Tibet Aid organization located in Woodstock, NY. Sponsorship is approximately $20/month and provides school tuition, supplies and food for a child living in one of the Tibetan exile communities on the Indian subcontinent.


Chenrezig Project members represent diverse levels of meditation practice and religious/spiritual backgrounds. Many are beginning meditators and come with little or no knowledge of Buddhism, just looking to try it out. We believe there is a simple, universal message of wisdom and compassion in Buddhism that can benefit everyone, regardless of faith or background.

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