More than Buddhism…

The Buddhist path is about much more than ‘Buddhism’ . . .

It develops intuitive ethics, mindfulness, calm, intelligence, patience, confidence, integrity, wisdom, compassion.

It promotes widespread inquiry through open-minded curiosity, study, contemplation, discussion, knowledge.

It helps transform ‘out of control’ egos into significantly virtuous tools.

It helps us overcome narrow-minded, reactive, often fear-based “me first” instincts, intentions and behaviors.

It destroys boredom and its predecessor: the ‘attached’ mind.

It helps bring about joyful responsibility in place of familiar victimhood.

It benefits our emotional, physical and social well-being.

It moves us beyond the trappings of religious dogma and into true spiritual realities.

It forges and enriches the relationship with our greatest ally: our natural – and unlimited – mind.


The Buddhist teachings and ways are open to all, and one need not be a Buddhist to share in them.

~If this resonates with you . . . neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you from participating.