Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions. We all have them.

Every existence is organic . . . the substance of which is a continuity of change, each moment determined by a lineage of pre-existing conditions, otherwise known as karmic inclinations.

Buddhism presents a practical study of these . . . understandings of what they are and how they occur, how to recognize them when they arise, and how to cultivate the beneficial while allowing the unwholesome to fly away into disregard and disempowerment.


To live one’s life is to collect bangs and bruises, things that don’t work quite right as well as experiences that have shaped us, more often than we know, for the not-so-good.

Sometimes we’re fortunate to encounter positive role models and people who believe in us, while at other times we’re stuck in a seemingly uphill climb that feels unfair and unproductive.

Perhaps the best we can do is step outside of ourselves, realize everyone else is under the sway of their own pre-existing conditions, and, as best we can, provide them the support they need.

We do this by being a role model.

This is a manifestation of compassion . . . the Tibetan Buddhist insights and practices help us do and be this. Instinctively, kindly and skillfully.


We are all born with (and into) pre-existing conditions. We carry them with us into everything we do.

There are learned ways of converting them into infallible blossoms of strength and positivity.


~If this resonates with you, neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you from participating.