Summertime Roadtrip

Summertime . . . a time for road trips, forest hikes, picnics, ocean sunrises and sunsets.

Let’s animate . . . leave for a summer excursion, inside, to where our greatest potential(s) lie.

Where the skies are iridescently blue while transformative raindrops, full of infinite Buddhas, fall and penetrate.

The joy of being in this mind-place, if only for a few moments, is life-changing . . . like the fragile bubble it is, our self-centeredness
bursts simply upon touching it.


You’ve been sleeping for millions of years.
The path of your awakening has never been as close as it is right now, in this moment.

Visualize, decide, prepare and embark. If you are authentic, a door will appear.

Let your arrogance go . . . enter.

Once inside, sail, trek, run, soar . . . the means of travel are meaningless, the journey is your prize.


It is summer.

Inside is the seed from which your winds emerge, on which abundant Buddhas flow.

Breathe in accord with their guiding softness.

~If this resonates with you . . . neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you from participating.