Always Exciting . . .

Not long after Apollo 11 amazed the world by going to the moon,
NASA’s lunar program fell off our cultural radar.
Flying to the moon, collecting rocks, driving around and getting
back safely wasn’t interesting enough, apparently.

And the ‘miracle’ of the internet, which connects billions of people,
instantly, is something we take for granted after less than a generation.

Is it any wonder that your magnificent Facebook post or clever tweet isn’t racking up ever more likes?
(Yes, these too are in the process of going by the wayside.)


Here’s what will never grow old, boring, dull or uninteresting . . .
identifying, cultivating and sharing your deepest, wisest goodness.

This is what occurs on the Buddhist path . . . and you need not be a Buddhist to walk on it.



~If this resonates with you, neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you from participating.