Look in the Mirror

Perhaps for some of us, at times the Dharma mind is really just another aspect of self-centeredness . . . a high-regarding aspect of “me” . . . a new self-identity that I treasure and don’t want to lose because I like how it makes me feel.

It makes me feel good to tell others of my life on the Buddhist path, my experiences and initiations and great progress, and to wear my Dharma mask when I’m out and about.

If this resonates with you, fess up, and rejoice at (finally) doing so.


Dubbed as aspects of “spiritual materialism” by Trungpa, these self-oriented perspectives constitute a trap, normally blundered into by those in the beginning phases of their Dharma experiences.

These delusions may manifest for years before we break through them . . . see them, acknowledge them and work through them . . . honestly.

Or perhaps you see your mind’s emerging beauty and clarity and strength as tools not just for your own benefit but for that of others . . .

Look into your mirror, check-up and see where you come out on this.


~If this resonates with you, neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you participating.