The Challenge, The Beauty

The Dharma path is full of significant Challenge, as well as great Beauty . . . each of which arises as we deepen our ongoing understandings of Self and Other.

To help jump-start your progress, consider the following perspectives:

The other person is always Right . . .

Right about her feelings;

Right about the day he just experienced;

Right about the fears (appropriate and ill-founded) in her life;

Right about the narrative going on, unspoken, in his head;

Right about what she likes and what she dislikes.


(The Challenge): You’ll need to travel to this place of ‘Right’ – this place apart from Self, beyond empathy and into equanimity – before you have any chance of authentic communion with another (The Beauty).

~If this resonates with you, neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you participating.