Talent and Skill

Sometimes people confuse Talent and Skill.
Here’s one way to look at it:

If it’s something you’ve worked hard to attain and sharpen, it’s a Skill.

When it’s something you see in others, something you knee-jerk believe you can’t possibly attain, it’s a Talent.

And being jealous of others’ perceived Talents (yes, which are almost always Skills) is an easy way to excuse yourself from pursuing it within yourself . . . bringing about disempowerment, frustration, and woe.


It is a Talent to intuitively recognize aspects of humanity encompassing genius . . . accordingly, I believe the Tibetan Buddhist ways and means are imminently elemental expressions of human genius.

As this recognition (likely) includes you, who have identified and are pursuing something beneficial In the messaging of these Dharma writings, rejoice in this Talent . . . a blossoming attribute of your mind, it is precious.

Now consider:
Talent without enthusiasm, without applied hard work, without unfolding into Skill, is like an endlessly powerful super-computer without electricity.

Vastly wasted potential.


Dharma Skills include clear realization, virtuous experiences, wisdom and compassion . . . bringing about strength, peace and happiness.

Embrace and refine the continued presence of your Talent.

Do the work . . . become your Skillful best.

~If this resonates with you, neither grief or a broken heart, or fear, precludes you participating.